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The Apulco valley is this small paradise of nature and tranquility.
Enjoy the spectacular view of a waterfall with a drop of more than 50 meters, a path that leads to that waterfall through lush vegetation and impressive views of the Apulco River canyon, adventure playground, horseback riding, walks, cycling, grills and pool.
Sendero Área Recreativa Apulco

The Apulco Valley its located at the entrance to the Northeast Sierra of the estate of puebla, flanked by the Apulco River.

A natural sanctuary with endemic flora and fauna species.
La Olla Waterfall
It is known this way because of the shape it makes at the base and because in the morning, the steam resembles the steam that comes out of a pot with boiling water.
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It has an average height of 40 meters that varies by the flow of the Apulco River, reaching almost fill “the pot” in rainy weather.
You can see it from our gazer at the waterfall level.
You can find medicinal and ornamental plants, as well as various views of the Apulco River canyon.
Path of Love
A path in the misty forest.
A local Legend says that on this trail a young muleteer promised his future wife an abundant and prosperous life. Years later they made a fortune, had healthy and successful children, and lived long and abundant lives.
They say that the promises or requests made while flowers are thrown into the canyon are fulfilled.
Playground and Grills

Juegos para los pequeños.

Una alberca con agua que fluye permanentemente.

Palapas con Asadores.

Área de tiro con arco.

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